Another kind feedback from a mummy. Glad I am able to make her child happy after a class. Engaging a child is the first step towards success, ie, getting them to take ownership of their learning. Hope to help her score in her Science.

By Leaps & Bounds 

One of my P6 boys asked me to guess his compo marks and he looked very serious when he asked me. He’s usually the joker in class and when he said he was serious, it must be. So I made a guess. Each guess took me to guess higher till I got it. Well, I was very proud of him and he admitted that he learned to be serious when he was always being scolded by me. (Correction: I believe the appropriate words to use are ‘firm’ and ‘no nonsense’.) Haha. On a serious note, I believe children need some form of structure to perform and under me for 5 months, the seeds are sown. 

Keep it up!!!!

Parents’ Appreciation

A reason why I am out of school setting is that I enjoy the personal contact and communication with parents. I have the time to communicate with my students and their parents. I am reluctant to have this category, actually, but their appreciation for me outweighs my resistance. It was a pity I did not keep the previous conversations from my other parents, from my previous mobile phone that “died” on me though.