Kai’s Showcase

Kai was excited that papa was able to attend his school’s showcase exhibition cum performance. We were highly impressed with the whole exhibits. Being a teacher myself, I could ‘feel’ their hard work in setting everything up. Been there, done that. Not easy but the end results were worth it. Made me itchy to wanna join teaching again. Haha… anyway, the kids had a blast showing off their exhibits to their parents. It is truly a conducive environment and no regrets queuing overnight for a place there.


Kai is not an art person, and to come up with such images, it’s a feat! Humpty dumpty inspired? Oh yeah… Nonetheless, I’m enjoying his ‘golden age’. 4 years old seems a good age to understand his developmental needs and witness his growths. I’m always told Kai is a smart boy, mature, intelligent, etc. While these are important(yes, I’m a proud mama) but the greatest compliment I want to hear is his heart for God. Pray Kai grows to be a man after God’s heart. 

PS: Sheng is a sidekick here and not the main character. He will be mentioned in another post.

He Is Risen, indeed!

4yo son attempted to write this today. I was surprised he remembered his Sunday class lesson. But then again, why would I feel surprised? Boy is getting older, he is able to express better and I should celebrate! 

Celebrate my son’s gaining independence, but the most important celebration is at the Cross! Death has no sting and Christ has risen, He IS risen, indeed!

Better than me

This lovely boy did what I could not do, ie fix gadgets. I am obviously not a ‘read manual’ kind of person. I loathe reading instruction manual, so I’m very glad I passed the buck to my student. He’s p5, a little dyslexic (don’t really like to label children) and he’s very keen to help me fix it up. His talent is clearly in this area as he’s able to understand the manual effortlessly. Better than me, the teacher! His 5 min break was up and he could fix half, an effort well lauded for. He promised to fix the other half after the break, which he did. Full picture with the skeleton to be continued next week…

Chinese Lunar Birthday

I am not superstitious, but am game to try it as I find it fun. It’s so cute seeing my boys picking up the items. It is believed that picking certain items will transcend to what a child will become in future. The items my no 2 picked were an egg, a pen and a calculator. So, it means he is going to be a learned (pen) businessman  (calculator) and has no lack of food (egg). Sounds great, right? Haha…