Reason For My Passion

Throwback 7 years ago! Found a stack of thank you notes from my past students. I love handwritten gifts over commercial bought ones! This tugged at my heartstrings. I am reminded that each and every time spent with children, they are able to sense how much you care for them. Aside the academic values, I get to share about Godly values, which is my pleasure if they are open to hear.

This is the reason for my passion. More pictures below.

Taking Initiative

Quite touched when she showed me her news articles work. I did not give her any homework on this and she took the initiative to do. It shows me one thing. When a child is motivated, that child will take ownership of his/her learning, thus the pleasant outcome. And she is not the kind to do her own revision. Thus, this step is an achievement to her and of course, to me. 

States of Matter

Love to do this experiment. Each time I whip out the cup, it never fails to amaze my students. This simple experiment teaches heat gain and heat loss. The colour coded cup makes it easier for students to link the concepts together too. To them, it’s like magic. To me, well, it’s Science.

weSetting up for the hands on. It’s really versatile as it can be used to teach an actual p4 student or doing recap with my p5-6 students. Either way, it’s win win for me as I don’t need to keep taking them out. I used them for the whole day with my different Science age groups. 

Taking measurement and recording. 

Fun hands on that water can exist in three states of matter.

States of Matter

Watch carefully at the cup. 

Watch the colour change!

This never fails to amaze my students when I do this experiment. To them, it’s magic. To me, it’s Science. It’s a good tool to teach heat gain and heat loss. What they see, they are able to connect what they learn in real life.

Water in its 3 states of matter. Versatile experiment to teach p4 or recap for my upper level students. Easy to understand. I used this set to teach for the whole day for my different age groups. 

Life Cycles

Ewwwww… my students will crink their noses but they are excited to observe the specimens that lay within. Life cycles, in a fun way. I love hands on and making Science ‘alive’! Great tools to do recaping, in a non routine way.